Les pur-sang lusitaniens sont des chevaux très recherchés pour le confort qu’ils offrent dans la monte et pour leur grâce naturelle. Le Lusitanien est un cheval polyvalent au caractère doux, qui aime l’apprentissage. Il est parfaitement adapté à l’univers du spectacle.

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The stallions are selected on their heritage, their performance under the saddle and especially their character which is essential to breed foals that will grow and evolve, willingly, in training. The choice of a stallion for a mare is always made with complementarity in mind.


The mares are from different lineages but always of high performing heritage that has been proven in bullfighting or dressage: Coimbra, Veiga.


The foals graze during their first three years in the rich grasslands of the Crau and the natural wet meadows. They live in herds, with mature horses, growing at their own pace. This extensive farming method instils a hardiness in them as well as an excellent osteo-aurticular system.


The fillies remain on the ranch for reproduction or are intended for the saddle.


The males are broken around four years old to preserve their physical and moral development.

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