The stable has excellent facilities training as well as for the horses to be comfortable when at work or boarding:

  • Stable with 10 boxes
  • Paddocks with shelters
  • Hot water shower
  • Proprietary saddlery
  • Dressage arena 20 x 60
  • Young horses arena 20 x 40
  • 500 hectare property

The good mood and well-being of the horses in training at the forefront of our minds; we therefore take the horses out to the paddocks every day and we regularly ride them around the property.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the boarding fees.

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Amour de Massa - Marie - Tardieu - élevage de Lusitaniens pur-sangs - écurie de dressage - Arles


Breaking-in is a fundamental step which allows the trainer to set up the basis of communication with a young horse.

I prepare the horse to understand and accept what I ask of him without resistance. I reward him every time he does well. Above all, I never demand more than he is able to give.

“Of all the stretching  necessary to the education of a horse, the most important is that of his will.” – Charles Raabe.

The basics of a young horse’s education

“Make him a companion and not a slave; you’ll see what an extraordinary friend he is.” – Nuno Oliveira.

Dressage : what does this mean exactly?

build trust/obedience to signals/ focus

It is a long process, taking several years, which aims to help the horse evolve, sublimating its natural paces under the saddle, making the horse light and easy to ride.

Like an athlete, the horse is trained to develop its physical and mental abilities, through daily gymnastics, adapted to each individual horse.

Stretching, strengthening of propulsion, development of balance and mind are essential for the optimum dressage.

The dressage of a horse is not only judged on the quality of its paces under the saddle, but also to the preservation of his natural state and his personality.

“The free consent of the horse brings more convenience than the remedies by which one strives to constrain them.” – S. de la Broue.


You need your horse to improve?

You can’t sell your horse? You’re afraid to take your horse to a competition? You need to submit your horse for a breeding programme or other certification?

I can help your horse progress through a tailored programme that will improve your experience with the horse.

As part of a sales valuation, you can leverage both my expertise and professional network to showcase your horse.

If you search a well dressed, look at the page horse for sale.

Utrera - Marie Tardieu - élevage de Lusitaniens pur-sangs - écurie de dressage - Arles
Marie Tardieu - élevage de Lusitaniens pur-sangs - écurie de dressage - Arles


Do you have trouble with your horse? Do you want to progress quickly? Get better results in competitions? …

I can accompany you through background work with your horse in the form of private lessons and / or internships.

Training horses are also available at the stables for advanced courses.

As a certified dressage trainer (DEJEPS), I can help you plan and prepare for your competition season and provide ad-hoc coaching on the grounds.