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Cheval Passion 2023

le haras des Bruns a cheval passion

For the edition of the Salon de Cheval Passion 2023, Utrera and I were present alongside the Association Française du Lusitanien. In order to participate in the promotion of the breed and the Haras des Bruns through daily presentations.

The Lusitanos put on a show

In short, about thirty Lusitanos were present to put on a show and introduce the breed through various disciplines. There was something for everyone: working equitation in traditional Portuguese dress (working equitation), classical dressage, high school tunes in cord or sidesaddle, sorting of cattle, work on foot, show tricks, presentation of foals in hand…

Utrera and I presented our work in classical dressage. During the various breeding shows, and through Grand Prix exercises. As always, Utrera impressed with her brilliance and outstanding character. In short, this augurs well for us in the upcoming competition season.

The french Lusitano’s association

Cheval Passion 2023, seems to have kept its promises in view of the many contacts and feedback that we have all had individually. Beyond a promotional show for the breed, Avignon 2023 was above all a unique moment for associations. Good humor and moments of sharing around our common passion were there. Thanks to its involved volunteers and motivated breeder members, the AFL was able to put the Lusitanos in the spotlight throughout the show.

Moreover, if you are the owner of a Lusitano or just passionate about it, I strongly invite you to join our association. Thus, you will be able to share with us unique moments around our magnificent Lusitano horse!

Note in your diary

The next major event of the breed not to be missed will be the XXXXth French International Lusitano Championship to be held in Saintes Maries de la Mer.

Event on which I will tell you more very soon!


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